Ecaros 360 Watt metal panel

Ecaros infrared panel 360 Watt

Ecaros is a high-quality infrared panel that meets the strict requirements of the market. Ecaros panels are made in Germany where they are tested and certified according to the highest TUV GS standards. This means that Ecaros guarantees your optimal safety.

The metal Ecaros infrared panels have a ceramic coating which guarantees a high-efficiency heat transfer. Equipped with the latest techniques and an optimal insulation factor ensure that you get an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly heating system.

When you use the Ecaros infrared heating in combination with green energy such as solar panels, you heat the house without CO2 emissions.


These metal Ecaros panels can be mounted on the wall or on the ceiling. The supplied brackets ensure that you can hang the panel both horizontally and vertically. With the same brackets you also hang the panel on the ceiling. Optionally you can also install this panel in the ceiling with a built-in frame that is available separately.

Ecaros 360 Watt metal panel

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