Helios TITAN 2000W White
The Helios series is the industrial line of the Italian manufacturer Star Progetti.

These are characterized by their simplicity, quality and heat release. Due to their excellent parabola in the built-in reflector, you can reach surfaces up to 20m². The Helios Titan 2000W is perfectly suitable for heating terraces, catering establishments, industrial workshops, pergolas and much more.

The construction height is recommended at 3m50 to 4m50. You can easily mount this device on the ceiling or wall.

But it can also be applied to mobile uprights.

This version is produced in coated steel in white finish. The Helios Titan does not contain glass for the reflector and has an IP value of IP25.

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Cable Length
Cable Lenght 1,5m
Heated area 15 - 20m²
Plug Male BE 2P + A
Current ( Amperage )
Amperage >10A
Origin Italie
Construction Steel
Power ( Wattage )
Wattage 2000W
Voltage 230V AC
Warranty period 2 years
Water resistance
IP Value IP25
Infrared Wavelenght Short wave

Helios TITAN 2000W White

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